book attendance

Reservio Attendance Booking Platform

We are currently using a booking platform using Reservio.

You can not only check availability and book sessions but also manage and cancel upcoming sessions.  You will also receive automatic email & sms reminders about booked sessions the day before.  We have launched this with the aim of making it easier for everyone to book attendance themselves as staff are unable to manage.

Step 1 – Registration
Before you book new sessions, firstly you will need to register, you can do so using an email address & password or via Facebook.
If you register via email address you will need to click a confirmation link emailed to you

Step 2 – Book attendance
Once you have registered you will need to go to the booking home page and log in:
From here, click ‘book now’ or ‘schedule’ at the top of the page.
Browse down the dates you wish to attend, dates faded out are fully booked.
Please note: there are up to 3 sessions for each day,
– upstairs: this is for training upstairs only, and must be selected by students not yet regularly on clients
– barbers: only for students who are regularly on male clients, as agreed with tutors
– salon: only for students regularly on female clients, as agreed with tutors

With the exception of the salon, days are split into separate am & pm sessions, you will need to book in for these separately, ie 2 sessions for full-day attendance.

Cancellation policy
You can cancel a booked session only up to 24 hours before using the reservio booking platform, if you need to cancel a session less than 24 hours before then you must text/WhatsApp the academy mobile on 07719725041.  Cancelling less than 24 hours prior – or not attending a booked session at all – will count as a ‘no-show’.  Any Learner achieving 2 no-shows within a 7-day period will have any attendance the following 7 days cancelled.  This is to prevent block-booking and ensure fairness for all, especially those finding it difficult to book in on our busier days.

Visual instructions on using Reservio can be found here: